Great news! A playable vertical slice/demo consisting of a non-finalized first section of the first game world should be available by monday the 24th. Check here for the download. And please, leave comments after playing.

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David has been hard at work tying up loose ends in the code department. Our Kickstarter is ready to go and passed the approval process. Large environmental parralax layers are almost all finished and ready to update earlier drafts. A number of key NPC conversation trees have been refined and re-written. Several new audio tracks are nearly ready to import.

The demo will be playable (and hopefully impressive) regardless of these spit and polish components. But you can never have too much spit!

I will be updating in-game assets in successive incremental builds throughout the holiday season. We will post our Kickstarter information as soon as the launch date is finalized. Thanks for checking out our project. We hope you enjoy it.

Stephan Maich
Datavore Game Studio

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