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The demo for Anodyne, a Zelda-like, has finally been released! Play it now! Also download the soundtrack for the demo.

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Hey everyone, we finally finished the demo version of Anodyne. This is a big milestone for us, because it's a very polished and near-final version of the intro parts of the game. It's 15-30 minutes long. Most of the things I did in the past few days are inside the game now (the central hub world is now finished, for example).

You can find all of the files at , or on the Downloads page here.

You can run it right away if you use Windows, alternatively if you have Mac or Linux you'll need to run the AIR Installer. If the Windows .exe isn't working for you, try using the .air file.

I also started working on a song from one of the last areas in the game. What the area is is a secret, but I can let you listen to a WIP of it so far. Perhaps that will help you get an idea of what it could be? :) :

Other than that, I finally started designing out some of the non-dungeon areas. We intend for these areas to have visual, story, and musical themes that are related to surrounding areas as well. They're sort of ambient and passive, not a lot of enemies, but some weird stuff. We know that's vague, but we don't want to spoil it...we're trying to make these areas much darker and weirder than other parts of the game, for various reasons.

It's been nice to move away from grinding away on programming and just finally get around to knowing what to implement in these areas.

We'll have a lot more in coming days after I finish up this press stuff and get back to development.

Also check out the demo soundtrack I put up on my bandcamp.

Let me know your thoughts on the demo, or if you find any bugs.
Stay tuned on Twitter for updates! And if you liked the demo, vote for us on Greenlight and follow us on IndieDB!
-Sean (@seagaia2)


I liked the demo my only complaint is the sound that happens when you go to the next room get really old when your running through the dungeon quickly could just be me.

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