This week was fully focused on getting everything up to speed for the demo-release.

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You can get a taste of the game by playing its web-version or if you want the authentic experience download the APK.

Pacing, pacing, pacing - Everything is pacing

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One after another...

After a lot of back and forth with how to best give people a good time playing our game, we reached a setup where we feel confident that its a good balance between "letting you figure it out for yourself" and "allow easy access". Only time will tell if it's actually as easy to pick up now as we hoped it would be without elminating ANY and all challenge from it.
We truly came a long way with this one. Considering we started out with a much more classical "tutorial" approach.


We added tons of sounds and music to the game. Everything has sounds now (well nearly everything). I really gotta get a good setup to share sounds... any suggestions? Software or so?

We got a beta/demo-version now
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Unity web-player build

It even includes all those sounds we talked about one moment ago. So if you want to give that a try that would be splendid. Of course the actual game is a mobile game so if you want to get the authentic feel you should get that APK. We feel that the web-version is easier to distribute and makes it possible for more people to get some hands-on experience with the game. We are very keen to hear your experiences with it and would love to get your feedback, negative or positive on the game.

Head over to Newgrounds and give it a spin!

Some feedback would be really appreciated!

Till next week.
- Wyeth

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