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In this article you are able to see every feature that the demo will feature. We plan to release the next demo in a few days.

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In the following you will see the complete changelog of the demo that will release in a few days:

  • 100% Map redo
  • Improved zombie A.I. slightly
  • Added weapon G36C Interiors
  • Added weapon Skorpion
  • Added weapon Mp5k
  • Added melee weapon Wrench
  • Added melee weapon Crowbar
  • Added melee weapon Axe
  • Added Flashlight
  • Increased M4A1 damage
  • Increased Melee damage of all known weapons
  • Decreased secondary weapon damage slightly Creepy Interior Test
  • Added interior to (enterable) houses
  • Overworked the menu
  • Improved graphics
  • Removed the radar
  • Changed positions of ammo and health displays
  • Added vehicles (Humvee, Buggy, SUV)

We plan to release the demo on November the 22nd. After this we will collect your feedback and fix bugs etc. to improve your experience.

Note: The demo will be updated weekly and new content will be added. The alpha will release at the end of the year.

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