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Thank you, to all the players out there who have given feedback and bug reports. If there is anyone experiencing problems with the demo please let me know.

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The demo version isn't just so everyone can check out Delta Quadrant, but also to test it out on different systems and platforms.

As a small one man indie team, I don't have a whole team of testers to find the troublesome issues with other people's platform versions or system specifications. That is why I need you the player the please provide me with any feedback to improve the game.

A major problem has been reported with the way the map scrolls or drags from bottom to top or the other way around. I could not 100% recreate the problem on my side, but I have changed the way I calculate the amount to drag or scroll.

My before and after tests have shown great improvements to the dragging of the map. I am positive that this problem is resolved now. But yet again, I would not know if someone doesn't provide me with feedback. :D

Then I would have to go with no news is good news?

Thank you


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