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Hello, today id love to Present you the latest Devblog of Delta City 2155.

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Hello, today id love to Present you the latest Devblog of Delta City 2155 and all of its Exciting Changes

Redlight District Featureing a Text System with Custom Fonts and the new NPC and Items Bounding Box System

Bounding Box Button System

Cyberpunk Apartment

Cyberpunk Apartment Area


HD Textures

Advanced Neon Textures and Signs

Outskirts Desert Area with Trainstation Diner Apartments and other things

Redlight District Cyber Dance Club

Improved AI and new Animations

Improved AI with HD Blaster Fights

Respawning is not longer done with items but drops a bag with all your stuff

Food and Drink Sellers

the Cyberpunk Administration Building with AI

what are we currently looking for?

- Mapper Highly Experienced with Goldsource Optimization


Those boxes on the objects are goddamn amazing. I tried to implement that in my mod following the tutorial but failed... This is such a great addition!!!
I'm looking forward to this :)
Also the damage numbers are very cool and unique.

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this looks special. you got my attention.

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really cool

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