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Due to personal finance issues, 9-5 job related issues, a family reunion and travel plans coming up and of course having recently gotten engaged I have not been able to actively work on this game in recent months. I shall return and I will complete this eventually.

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My main plans for when I am able to return to working on this more regularly are to go through all my scripts and coding and convert it all to C#, Integrate Visual Studio into my programming pipeline and revisit my Inventory, Journal and Character Status elements and make sure I am preparing them properly for a save/load game scenario. Its integral to what I want to create here to make sure that I learn and adopt what I need to coding wise to not back myself into a corner and have to rewrite tons of code at a later date due to my lack of knowledge in the department of saving/loading game data. With that being said, this is all assuming my scope does not change for the game. I have been throwing the idea around in my head of making this far less what many would consider "gamey" and more ambient/story based of an experience.

All this really depends on what I find when I return and sit down and take a very very hard look at the scope of the game I wanted to make from the start and where my skills and weaknesses currently are. By potentially removing the inventory system, health/sanity systems and the full body awareness I could invest the majority of my time into storyboarding, writing, 3D art asset development, audio and "light" item and environment interactivity. This and more I have not come to a final decision on but when I do I will post here and on the official facebook page.

Thanks to all those that have paid this page a visit and taken even a fleeting glance at my project where it stands now. My true hope is to someday bring a great Lovecraftian inspired experience to PC. The next time I post here for this project I will have made a final decision on the gameplay elements I will for sure include. Until then....try to stay sane.

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