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The mod's development has been put on hold. Many factors are affecting the time of mod completion. Partial change log is on News Part 1 and what has been acomplished since them is available. I will be keeping everyone posted on to any new progress or news!

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Due to the fact of trying to find all the content and trying to play through 7 different mods and tackle a job is all hard work. Other things are in the way and development will be postponed. There will be screenshots available of the mod's progress so far.

What More Has Been Accomplished:
New Version of the Atmosphere Engine
Increased Foliages in some areas
New Areas available (Cordon,Swamps,Garbage, Military Warehouses,Agroprom,) More will be available soon
2 New Story Quests
20 New Side Quests
New Weapons (Complete list not available yet)
Part of musical scores for areas. 1/2 of Radio Music
New Guns List Partial (Mp5SSD,M4A1 Tactical - M4 Model from Moh 2010, AK Attachment System, AK 47, G36K - Shortened Barrel without the 2 Optic system, New SPAS 12 Shotgun, WW2 M1 Carbine 30. Rifle)

*I will keep everyone posted for any new developments!

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