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Well the last two months were uneventful as I've begun working a new job recently that combines late nights with travel.

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In the last few days I've finally hit a recovery point where I have the energy to work on the project again. I've started working for an overnight inventory company and schools started for my kids, so its been a busy period.

Previously I declared I was going to make a new tool program for working with Build in general, well I didn't get too far into that, aside from converting Editart's source code to GLBasic to get an idea of what I will need. Mostly I'll just be needing the info on formating the ART file structure, much like when I made a program for creating/modifying Build palettes.

Instead though I've started mapping and making a few more voxel objects. I've still plenty of little things I need to create to help flesh levels out, but I'm also creating voxels to replace level features in previous map designs.

I've scrapped the old wriggly wire models for some straight ones. Also added roof exhaust model for buildings so that cuts out 4 walls and a sector used to create them in the first place.

In the map design, I've done a bit more to complete the first Terra level and have begun working on the second that features a small city. I've opted to use teleport doors less and try to make buildings directly accessible from the street. The depot and a nearby pump station feature swing glass doors. I'm also attempting to get the voxel doors to operate in a swing door sector, but may just have to code them to act as doors.

So until I get to it, the utility, although needed by me to get more art done, will have to wait. The problem I have with current tools is the dos based Editart no longer operates in Win7+, which is too bad because its the most trust worthy, however unstable. Other tools I have access to also have their own issues. I had to hack DukeRes to accept PCX palettes made by Adobe, since it would routinely mix High-bright pink with transparent marker pink. That and DukeRes has a horrible habbit of destroying Art files and corrupting its contents. All good reasons to make a more modern tool at least for myself.

My alternative is going back to building ART files on the Netbook which runs XP, or switching to one of my XP based desktops I have sitting around.

Either way, its time to start building them city structures. I had planned on building a sewer system, so will see if that comes up. One thing I'm going to do is see just how far you can take the Hub system, without getting too crazy. Multiple entry points for levels as well as the shuttle transports.

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