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Im sorry for not uptdating all that much but 2020 was a tought year for me in general, that is why im making this article.

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Hello, its the author

Im sorry for not uptdating much on the rest of 2020, but was a tought year for me that's why I wasn't able to finishin the mod, I generally don't like deadlines since they force me a lot, but I neither wanted a 1 year gap without updating at least once the mod and I failed at that because at the time it felt like I had a lot of time, but as the year continued it got toughter and to be honest, it made me forget that I had even published a mod. So to wrap it up:

-Im still working on this mod

-I still have the same ideas and I rather cut them for gameplay purposes than time

-There will be no deadline, however if for some reason I stop working on it, I will leave all the progress I made in case anyone decides to continue it.

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