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I have decided to push yet again the release date to accommodate new in game mechanics.

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I have decided to push yet again the release date to accommodate new in game mechanics, Eg. hidden items inside cabinets, cars will have their own BG to have an added effects when picking them up.

Backgrounds with proportional problems making the player small or bigger

Screen Menu BG's are also being made.


Desk BG

cam 06 small

Car With bullets inside. test BG

The good thing is that all scenarios for the game, stories and cutscenes are finished, with all the cinematics.

For me it's better to release an almost perfect game with less bugs and all the features I can put in than releasing alot of patches to fix them.

It's for you so hang in there, I'm almost complete 95% done with the MOD! so hang in there and thank you for your patience in waiting.

Result screen

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Its completely fine man, take your time, the mod already looks amazing. You really need more recognition for this godly work you are doing. Do you have a reddit account? I made a post about this mod and not many people really know about this, if you can head to r/residentevil and post information about your great mod.

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Vertelame - - 442 comments

Dont worry, we wait :3

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Guest - - 698,699 comments

alguem sabe quando vai lançar?

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Airhersalderaz - - 3 comments

Hello, This looks extremely cool, amazing work.

I was hoping you could help me? I intend to use waifu2x to upscale and clean up the backgrounds of Biohazard 2 Sourcenext. I'm about to try. But I've found that whenever I attempted to replace the characters menu avatars with higher res, larger images, it failed.
I am a novice, but a fast learner. I was hoping you may have some advice on this, and to confirm if the images do need to be the same size. Also, where can I aquire the RE2 REDTE tool that you have referred to? I am using timviewer presently. Finally, how do you implement custom textures, do you add them directly to the games folders or load them with a mod loader upon game start?

As a budding modder, I would greatly appreciate any advice you can offer, as I basically piece together information off of the internet, I have no one of experience to directly refer to

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Dusty_Earth - - 39 comments

why main character looks like Chinese

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