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Current State of the mod. Antioch development specifics. Most units implemented, the most significant work remaining is creating the faction-specific generals.

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Hello all,

I know I’ve been quiet for sometime, I’ve been really busy lately moving into a new house so I haven’t had that much time to dedicate to this project lately. As you can see in the images though, I’ve been slowly churning out some things.

Anyhow I am sure you are all dying to know the current progress with the Antioch faction so here it is:

-All unique faction-specific troop types added, ie Armenian levies and Norman Knights.

-Units being shared with Jerusalem have been 80% implemented. These shared units like Outremer Knights or Latin Crusader troops as you may have seen already have been retextured so they are more unique to Antioch. If a KOJ player confronts Antioch in battle or vice versa, their shared troops types will look different and will be identifiable to their respective faction; this was to absolutely prevent any confusion in battles. Only Turcopoles remain for me to retexture and I need to add the religious order troops, that should complete the implementation of the shared troop types.

What is the remaining body of work for Antioch for now?

Here are my current to-do’s:

-We need faction general models. I need to create the generic general, captain, faction heir and faction leader stratmap and battle models. Also King Philip of France needs to be created along with his retinue of French knights. Thinking of also adding a Hospitaller general, like a “Marshal of the Hospitallers”.

-Like I said need to implement religious order troops (Templars, Hospitallers, Teutonics) and finish the Antiochean Turcopoles.

-Need to cleanup recruitment entries in EDB and add the religious order buildings.

-Need to remake the faction symbol for the stratmap, custom battle and campaign menus.

Some unique decisions I’ve made to differentiate Jerusalem from Antioch:

-Antioch will not have access to Crusader Longbowmen.

-Antioch will not have the ability to train Templar or Hospitaller veteran troops. However if I add a Marshal of the Hospitallers to Antioch, every time he dies perhaps I will have him respawn with a unit of veteran Hospitallers.

-Antioch will not have access to the Holy Cross unit.

Somethings I’m confused about or wondering about:

-If the leader of Antioch is the “Prince of Antioch”, what is the title of his heir? Is he also a “prince”?

-I retextured shared units for a practical purpose, but what do I do with shared religious order troops? I’m thinking of leaving them alone and perhaps inviting some confusion in battles for players, I don't think there is any way to get around this.


Your question about the Prince's heir is a good one actually, never thought much about that. Im no historian, just an enthusiast, ive been reading about the kingdom of Jerusalem's history prior to the third crusade almost without cease but i actually dont know that much about the Principality of Antioch when it comes to the hierarchy. My guess is that the heir would have the normal title of a baron, but of great importance, like a duke of somewhere. Sources doesnt detail this most of times, they only refer to the princes of Antioch as Princes but not their titles before they became princes. Raynald of Chatillon for example was a prince of antioch for some time and we all know he was a french knight that settled in Syria after the Second Crusade. Bohemond I son is always named as a Prince of Taranto and Antioch so... Meh, might have to look more out there for info about that.

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0TheLastTemplar0 Author

Did some more research on the titles within a principality, apparently the heir of the ruling prince is called the "hereditary prince". Wondering if I should work this in as an ancillary, so the title for the heir is accurate.

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when is the mod going to be out

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Best of Luck bro👍

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