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We've been Greenlit! Plus: check out the mountain of brand new features we've added since last time!

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As you may have already heard, Defragmented was not fully funded on Kickstarter. However, that's completely fine! We had some stretch goals we'd have liked to add given the extra time, but the game is still going to be completed. Never fear, we had a plan for not getting funded from the start; the game will still release Late 2015/Early 2016 no worse for the wear. We're committed to providing an awesome experience with Defragmented and nothing is going to stop us!

Pre-Alpha Content

That said, we've been Greenlit! We're now definitely confirmed for a Steam release on PC/Mac/Linux. Big thanks to everyone who helped out by voting and spreading the campaign around. We couldn't have done it without you!

Pre-Alpha Content

Besides our business front, I've been making a great deal of progress on new game features and additional content since the last update. As you can see, the new UI features quite a few reworked elements. Another notable thing in the picture above is the addition of a vending-machine style robot that buys and sells items! Now you have a place to offload those extra weapons and grab some fancy new items.

Pre-Alpha Content

Speaking of items, the entire game has been re-balanced to provide a better power curve for all players. Items of higher rarities are even more substantial and some powerful new drops are just waiting to be found. The level cap has been set to 30, which will coincide roughly with the end of our story when all levels are completed. This has allowed me to tune the game at all levels leading up to the cap. It also paved the way for the introduction of the talent point system. Talents are still deep in development, but I'll be sure to share some of the awesome new effects and abilities they provide in a future update.

Pre-Alpha Content

Speaking of abilities, our first class, the Railrunner, now has a full set of skills at their disposal. The first allows them to instantly jump to an enemy and perform a melee strike. This is useful for finishing off weak enemies or even jumping over small gaps. The second ability creates a decoy that will walk forward, distracting enemy fire. The final ability gives the player a short buff, increasing dodge chance and movement speed greatly. Abilities open up numerous opportunities and make each class feel completely different.

Pre-Alpha Content

The final thing I have to show off is some screenshots of the new levels I've been working on. The image above depicts the main cubicle farm area in a new office level. Cubicles will break under fire, creating unique scenarios of destructible cover amidst chaos. This leads to plenty of crazy situations - you'll just have to try it out for yourself to see.

As you can see, development progress on Defragmented has not slowed down one bit after our Kickstarter. Quite the opposite, we're moving full-steam ahead and making very good time along the way. If you want to try out the latest build with everything I've mentioned and more, come see us at Otakon! Controller support is finally ready, so we'll be sure to bring some gamepads to demo there as well!

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