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Inventory and equipment menus, new human models and animations, UI improvements, additional screen effects, and a whole lot of item balancing!

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It's about time I update the public on the slew of changes I've made over the past month. As I had mentioned in the last devlog, I wanted to dive in to the inventory and equipment systems and build them from the ground up. Now that they're fully functional I can show you what's new.

Pre-Alpha Content

The image above is what you'll see right as you open the inventory menu in-game. It pretty much explains itself; equipment on the left and inventory on the right. As you find new items they'll be added to your inventory for you to swap around and equip as you please. Aside from the various equipment types I've hinted at in the past, there is also a "Total DPS" calculation at the bottom of your equipment pane. This lets you know, on average, how much damage you can put out per second based on your active items.

Pre-Alpha Content

Another large component I recently worked on was a complete rework of all of the human models. This means more detailed, intricate humans with higher quality animations and ragdolls to match. As of now, they're still un-skinned, but clothing to match the new models will come later.

Pre-Alpha Content

To continue the gradual process of "making everything look nice", there are a number of new effects at play. In this image, the player killing an enemy triggers a level-up animation and some particle effects for damage dealt.

Pre-Alpha Content

The screenshot above is another good example of some of the newer visual elements. Items are properly color-coded based on their type and rarity. The player is yellow to show that they are currently damaged. In addition a small context box appears at the bottom of the screen to let the player know what keys they can use to interact with nearby objects.

Pre-Alpha Content

One final image of the inventory to show off how it all works. Swapping/equipping items is as simple as clicking on one to select then clicking on the other to change them. However, you also get informational context boxes describing the stats of each item. This allows you to compare items directly instead of having to look at one then the other in sequence.

Like most of the past updates, this one is rather large. Tons of new content was added in the past month or so. Lots of behind the scenes work - like item balancing and effective DPS calculation based on all stats - was done. There were also plenty of opportunities taken to improve the overall "feel" of the game. Small visual flourishes like screen shake and particle effects help add a nice spice to the action.

Development is still progressing at a very steady pace, so be sure to check back for more updates on Defragmented!

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