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A little post about my scrap map of the competition DefendVille2, by ! I sent my files a couple of weeks ago, and I'm waiting for the agree of an administrator! So, i'll make you this little blog for you to know, what sort of map it is and all that kind of stuff! Keep an eye on my files, on my profile, for the day it will be upload to ModDB! Next to that, I want to say thank you first of all to the ModDB community, to the comuuninty, to Phillip !!!!!!

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First of all, I've got a little video for you, to see how the map is, if you don't want to "spoil" yourself, go down this article!

Now that you have a little idea, (or not if you didn't watch the video)


In 18th January 2017, Phillip, from post this article, to announce the firs hammer competition of 2017, DefendVille2! At the beginning of the project, I wanted a simple attack defense, to learn how to use the assault entities in hammer source sdk! And I"ve created this map!

Why I didn't post this map, for the competition?:

Well, I didn't post this map for the competition because one of the "rules" of the competition was:

"We DO NOT want you to simply create a rebel base and have a lot of Combine soldiers rush it."

That is basically my map...

Lots of combines rushing into a rebel base...

Thanks to the simple aspect of the map, I didn't lost any time, because I did this map in 3 days... Rapidly, and because I was on holidays and I didn't have lot to do...

So that's why I didn't choose this map!

But I decided to keep the files for a day like this! And this day has finally come to us! Well, when the files will be OK to download!

RTSL DefendVille2 scrap maps

Note: Yeah those "!!!!" in the summary was to have all of the characters remaining at 0!

PS:I'm sorry for my bad English...

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Wow, I get in the front page of the Source Engine,
Thank you :D

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