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A 2 hours demonstration of the game, new weapons, and IOTY Top 100 !

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Live interview and test (French audio)

We were interviewed by AieKillu on Youtube while he and some of the team tried out the game. The result is here : two hours of live testing with comments, and every corner of the new level was shown. Enjoy !

The current level features a high-tech refinery, setup in space around a large planet. More detailed screenshots will come soon, but as you see, the level is already playable.

IndieDB Top 100

We had the pleasure to be selected by the voters in the IOTY Top 100 games. Thank you all for voting ! Going this far alongside great games is a very rewarding experience.
Please vote !

New weapons, new content

We also have a new set of weapons. Four of them are complete ! The last one, tha Plasma Cannon, is being refined before being introduced as well. DeepVoid features 5 weapons, 9 add-ons that you can use on weapons to customize them : silencer, sniper sight, laser pointer or additionnal ammo, the choice is yours!

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