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A server update which restores our old notoriety system, partially, among other important changes and additions. The mapping SDK offers a complete guide and many examples.

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First of all, thanks to all of you who played our newest beta, it has been our most successful one. We also received criticism from some players, this mod is closely developed with our community and just a few days after the release here's a server update which should fix some of the reported gameplay issues.

  • Fully compatible with beta 2.5 clients
  • Back to old notoriety system, progressive, notoriety isn't restarted. Initial notoriety still can be customized (35-50 range). There is 100 notoriety limit which cannot be surpassed, however any additional notoriety gained is still accounted and displayed in final scoreboard.
  • Map duration is no longer measured in time but rounds. FoD normal mode last 3 rounds always, FoD 1 crate mode: 5-10 rounds (fof_fodalt_maxrounds), FDM: 5-10 (fof_fdm_maxrounds), Bounty: 5-15 (fof_bounty_maxrounds).
  • Notoriety increasing is proportional to the number of rounds to play, the more rounds the slower it increases.
  • Bounty mode: teams can be swapped optionally, use cvar fof_bounty_swapteams to enable or disable this feature
  • Few Dollars More end round music fixed
  • Explosive arrows: area of effect decreased 15%
  • Visible server slots in browser show the maximum slots allowed per map, so players won't join thinking there is any free slot to play (doesn't apply in coop mode)
  • Coachgun/shotgun do slightly less damage over long distances
  • Beard health rate increased +10%

There is also good news for level designers. We would love to see some community made maps. Fistful of Frags offers an almost infinite amount of possibilities, many of them still not explored. HereĀ“s our mapping SDK to help you start creating new multiplayer and cooperative maps. It includes:

  • guide explaining the entities you have to use for each game mode, and how to setup them
  • map examples: fistful of dollars, few dollars more (fof_canyonland), bounty, coop (peligro, sweetwater and ramirez escort), moving train
  • .fgd file
  • many prefabs

Quote: .fdg file

It's .fgd :)

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That was quick. :) Some nice changes there. Good work!

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good thing too that reseting notoriety was really annooying

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