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Welcome to the first stage of Operatio Impending Doom II, A mod for Star Wars Empire at War, Forces of Corruption. Lets Begin.

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To start off, I would like to say hello. My name is NitroTech and I am the head of the team for Operation Impending Doom II, though we are a quite small team with only myself, my girlfriend and a friend of ours. We plan to create a full modification for Star Wars Empire At War - Forces of Corruption that turns it into an RTS based off of the popular TV series Invader Zim that aired on Nickelodeon. To achieve this goal we will need to learn more about modding Empire at War but I can say that we will achieve out goals.

Beginning this summery of plans I am going to outline all of the planned factions and features.

Galactic Empire - Irken Empire

Rebel Alliance - The Resisty

Zann Consortium - Meekrob

These are currently the planned replacements for each faction that already exists in empire at war.

We also have slight plans for each already except for the Irken Empire which we mostly have planned fully so far.

Along with each of these factions, we plan to create accurate models for each faction's ships, weapons and structures.

As well as a complete overhaul of the sound effects, music and voices.

The music has mostly been changed already and footage showcasing the replacements music from the Invader Zim soundtrack will be uploaded and showcased soon.

The final big addon to this mod that we have planned is the addition of many of the planets from the Invader Zim series such as Meekrob, Blorch and Irk!

Overall we have big plans for this project and we plan to fully see it though to the end.

If anyone would like to assist with the creation of this project or just see behind the scenes, the best way to contact us is through our public discord server which you can find here.

Our Discord Server

We hope you all enjoy this project once it is complete and hope you look forward to it!

-NitroTech, Head of the Operation Impending Doom II team

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