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New added features: Advanced Movements, New & Overhauled Weapon, Animations, New UI Elements, & Red Dot Sprites.

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During the last few months HellStrike has had substantial features added into it since the last time this WiP page has been updated, as well as a lot of fixes. Below is a list some of the bigger changes to the mod:

Advanced Movements:
Slide & kick has been added to all classes. Marksmen can now do wall jumps giving access to higher vantage points.

New & Overhauled Weapon Animations:
We are completing a lot of the weapons animations as well as adding a few more for immersion. Some of those already implemented are sprint, walk, and jump anims. More may be added soon like prone and inspect anims.

New UI Elements:
End round sprites has been added as well as posture icons and a grenade throw range indicator that can also help in centering your throws since there's no crosshair. Nightvision also has a new black border to try and mimic how it looks real life.

Red Dot Sprites:
Red dots of optics were converted into sprites. These not only ensure that the red dots are always centered, but they're also immune to the map's lighting. Each optic will also have it's own red dot.

And many more...
More player voice reactions, distant battlefield sounds, weapon balance, new income system, emergency reload for SPAS-12, footstep sounds system, blurring effect when flashed, our very own theme music, new water effects, new exclusive maps, a complete set of weapons, and a lot of fixes.

Unfortunately, HellStrike won't be ready for release any time soon. We're hoping to release it somewhere in 2020. We're already at the bottom of our list of tasks and need more time to polish the mod.

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