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Over the course of December, I have designed a galactic system for Starsim...

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Over the course of about a month, I built our new galactic travel system, which allows you to target any star system within range and travel there in real-time. You can even warp directly to a specific planet, pilot the ship arbitrarily while at warp, or disengage the engines at any point to arrive in a unique spatial location. The galaxy is split into cubes of 10 million km, which gives you approximately 3,375 navigable locations per cubic astronomical unit. That's a mind-blowing 853,630,576,784,508,000 or so navigable locations per cubic lightyear.

Most of that is empty space of course because space by its very nature is a whole lot of empty, but as the procedural systems are fleshed out those locations will start to fill with interesting things to discover. The key thing for us is giving the player complete freedom of movement in the galaxy, so you can literally go anywhere at any time, and you're not limited to only travelling to star systems.


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