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December's development, Victory Star Destroyer work, and Immobilizer Cruiser. Also information of GUI re work.

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You can check the screen shots of the Immobilzer Cruiser, (By Evile Jedi) I have been working on getting in game, Well this month we have the Victory Star Destroyer MKI Mesh and skin by Evile Jedi. Bump map created by me, and Lights map created by me. Model Rigged by Shak, our resident model rigger.

This is now in SOTE and will be ready for testing in the next build.

Also this month the GUI is almost complete. I am keeping the new GUI under wraps for the moment though - but testers can see it soon in the next build they test.
I have also added a lot of new scripts created by Sidious Invader for a brand new style of Infrastruture for the Empire. It will for example build twice as many mines as the vanilla AI in EAW. Plus will attack your forces on your planets (Rebel) Player. Plus working with Nomada Firefox I have been slowly adding some new features he was working on with his own mod and has shared with me. This includes new edited textures, and scripts for reinforcements. Finally in Skirmish mode, Field Commanders can now order air strikes on any target you choose. No need to research bombing runs.

Thats it for now.. more soon.

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