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Hi everyone, here is some updates about the mod ! New things that will make the mod to be quicker done ! Hell Yeah !

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Hi there !

I'm still busy because of my projets, mostly in texturing, i've got many glitches with my .blend files, it's will take some time to redone them. But i've also a good new :
I will change to another computer configuration this christmas, what does it's mean ?
It's mean :
-No longer bugs
-Improved Renders
-Quicker Computer (firstly yes...)
-My animation to replace the stock intro will be better.

About this animation, many guys seams to think that the amelia's hat was a new ship model or so for the model, i was in laugh for a moment hehehe. So, this hat is for the captain Amelia that i'm currently modeling (for the trailer/intro). I don't know when it's will be out, i just can say, be patient like when you're were this year, you're awesome !
I just hope that you'll enjoy my work. Also, another thing, i think that the royal navy will not have as the same number of ships as Vanilla Sins, but the cost will be reduce a bit and will take less "crew" (if you know what i mean)
Well, i just can say you to have an happy Christmas !

Thanks for reading this

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