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I have uploaded some videos and pictures. Watch it!

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2011 January - Maybe Beta?

About the mod [v.0.8.0]:

I have added the new model[by Botond :) ] to firemaking.
I have added some buggy "npc" for bank and shop.
Automatic refresh. You don't have to open menus again to refresh inventory.[half of the refresh is buggy]
When you for example buy something from the shop,in the shop the item amount decrease but in the inventory it doesn't increase.[you get it but it doesn't refresh] :S

About the map[v.0.8.9]:

We have added new mines and new trees.
We have added "npc" models unfortunately without animation [we are working on it.]


That is it at the moment in my opinion.
42 Watchers! Coool :)
And 6500 visits, it is cool too :)

We get a lot of ideas here and on facepunch too.


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