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A brief update for this mod, mostly just kinda proving this mod isn't dead :D

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To everybody who is still looking at this mod for.... a reason, I presume,

First of all, yet again, "This mod is not dead", shocking I know. I feel i should share some new details from the time since I last made an update :)

The story of why this mod exists:

Portal 2 is my favourite game and I've always wanted to pitch in and create something for it, I thought a mod was a great idea. Sadly its much much harder than i ever thought, and until a few months ago i was restarting every few weeks. This mod in some form has been in development for years now, but this mod has also only been in development for 2 months, and this mod has only been in development for maybe a week. Yeah so development is going great... But, honestly, this mod is being worked on and even if its not linear, there's progress. Every scrapped map and idea creates skills and rounds the rough edges of learning.

Content of the Mod:

Gameplay: 4 chapters, each with 3-4 maps. Each chapter should take 30-60 minutes to complete ideally, may be shorter.

Story: 3 acts, 3 different tones (upbeat introductory period, slightly darker puzzle section for the majority, and an original theme for the ending that I'm not sure how to work without spoiling), this isn't a mod with a super strong emphasis on story but i have one figured out. There will be more of an emphasis on story than Portal 1 or 2, but its not going to be a walking simulator style game. The puzzles are the focus.

Difficulty: Quite easy. I am not the best at creating complex puzzles nor am I the best at solving them, and as lead (and only) puzzle designer on this mod, it's kind of tied to my own ability. And after playing mods and maps with difficulty curves out of nowhere, and remembering that a lot of people haven't played many maps since finishing portal 2, i don't want to turn people away. There's heavy emphasis on introducing and explaining all new elements. The hardest maps will obviously be in the final chapter and will have difficulties akin to late-Underground/Wheatley maps, although little emphasis on goo. It's something I always have trouble working into maps, using, solving, etc. I feel the new testing elements should "fill the gap" left, though.

Characters: Due to the Nature of the mod, there will be all-new characters. One speaking role as of now, and I'm trying to source a text-to-speech program for another role. Currently considering , however the licensing is not completely known for use from that site. The main character will be silent. The speaking role will not have many lines.

Music: So this is something I'm quite proud of. A personal friend is the head Musical Lead, and the only other person working on this project at this time, they are creating a brand new OST for the mod, with a mix of new songs and interpretations of old. The soundtrack will also utilise music from the original game, They are very talented, so I am hopeful.

As of now that is all I have to say. At this point I'm just hoping to have this mod release before i graduate from uni. And I'm entering into the second term (of three) in just over a month so.... I can hear that clock ticking. :)

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