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Level 2 is now available for download. To install and run it properly please read the download description.

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Yes, the rumors are true. Level 2 is now released!

NOTE TO EVERYONE: There are game start instructions on the download page's description. Check it out in case there are any issues playing. Also, please do not run the game as "SINGLE PLAYER" within the L4d2 menu, it will not load correctly. Please run the exec or start a coop, friends-only, local host server.

NOTE TO VETERAN DEATHWING PLAYERS: Please do not run the map using console command "map dwlevel1". The new way to start the game is through "exec deathwing_coop".

This build includes:
-Level 2!
-Refined Level 1
-New weapons
-Refined old weapons
-Bug fixes
-Refined models
-Voice overs
-UI additions
-And so much more

Ryan McKee - Models, Level, Conversion, Assets, Sounds, Scripts
Kevin McKee - Conversion, Scripts, Sounds
Jay Mckee- Levels, Prefabs
Mark Harper - Assets
Brad Porter- Sound Design, Voiceover
Jason Goodrich - Prefabs

Once again, thanks to the team for their support. Thanks to you guys for keeping us going. I hope you enjoy it.


PS. watch your step in level 2 :o

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