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Super Happy Fun Block has been updated with more support for Death! Be crushed to death! Be exploded to death! Be... eaten... to death. What fun!

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DEATH AND TAXES: Only one is a constant in video games.

Some puzzle games really revolve around death. It's how you learn, how you fail, and half of what you do (I'm looking at you Limbo). That's not the case in Super Happy Fun Block. More often than not, players will fail a puzzle long before they die. A big part of the game is learning to recognize when you've made a mistake and when you need to start from the beginning without death there to inform you. However, just because the game doesn't revolve around death doesn't mean that death won't happen to you; it will! And it's important that when a player dies, they get visual feedback on why they die. Otherwise they may not be sure what happened.

For example, players often wondered what would happen if a block fell on their head. Would they die? Would they be able to move around? Well, the answer is what you'd expect: Big heavy blocks crush you. To death.

To make this more clear, a new animation has been added into the game. Ball clearly compresses, and then explodes. Once you see it, you know what happened.

Players also used to wonder what happens when you phase an object into existence in a spot you were standing: Again, explosion. If you'd ever had something spontaneously appear where you were standing in real life, you wouldn't have to ask.

Again, Ball clearly explodes. You may be noticing an explode-y pattern to death.

There's one more big way for Ball to die, and that's when he comes face to face with Chompy Blocks -- the least friendly creatures in the world of Super Happy Fun Block.

Poor Ball. Bit in half. He had so much to live for!

Don't worry though, Ball isn't the only person that does the dying. Sometimes he gets to do the killing! Ball can now vengefully stomp on Chompy Blocks!


You may notice that they don't actually die, but they are clearly disarmed. Well... distoothed anyway.

Death done right doesn't have to be depressing, it can be informative and entertaining! Keep an eye out for more updates, and if you'd like to experience death and killing in the world of Super Happy Fun Block, contact us for a beta build through indiedb or at

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