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12th story and its plot. "Death of the Shahdom". Now i am writing about very serious themes in my universe.

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12th story and its plot. "Death of the Shahdom".
Now i am writing about very serious themes in my universe.

Its again about the Hyperborean period. So i have now 12 stories about these ages. As you know, Hyperborean period is age of heroes and technologies, age of the pre-ancient times. Events are very far from our times. Its almost 18000 BC. But i am describing about pre-civilization of humans, mighty star realm, which have name of Hyperborean empire.

Main enemies:
"Sultanate" - mighty terroristic organisation, created by the forces of Excelscior. Their main leader, terrible Melhiz Fattaev, was one of the terrorist commanders. He was the general in Excelscior army, but soon decided to create his own force. "Sultanate" was his main power. Organisation has a headquarters in the south land of Nargon planet. They have only one island, but very fortified. Fattaev and his warfighters tried to do many bad things for the citizens of Nargon planet.

Main good side:
As in the other stories, in this story you can also see old characters. Hyperborean brave commanders are trying to destroy "Sultanate" organisation and kill their leader, Melhiz Fattaev. Hyperboreans are making the plan, destructive plan against Excelscior terrorists. Main heroes will be captain Krasich and the captain Jokovic`s battlegroup. These warriors will fight against lawbreakers.

Now story is finished, and its 12th story about the Hyperborean Period.
As always, in the New Canon, main enemies of humans are.... humans. Humans evil theme is still popular in my new story. Main plot is about war with terrorists and madness fanatics, who thinks about the "light" and "kindness".

See you around

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