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Well, Death Match v0.7 is still on progress, but after a month of no work, I guess its time to make one.

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Death Match : Global Offensive v0.7 is on progress! After a month of no work,no updates and no news... I decided to get back and continue!

Sorry for the delay, but atleast I manage to put few changes in the mod.

So first of, the UN now has its complete infantry! It consist of, UN Soldier, Officer, Medic, Mortar and Grenadier!

UN Infantries

Second, the Detention Camp is added, it will be used by the UN to purchase upgrades and to unlock new buildings and units. It can also build Dozer just in case the Command Center is destroyed. It will be also generate second income upto $50 every 5 seconds.

Detention Camp

Third,GLA Generals has it own Air Fields and Jets! Well, I still working on the weapons for each Generals jets and bomber.

And last but not least, the UN now had its own tech tree! I still need to add more though, but it will be easy! For now, the UN only had UN Paradrop,Emergy Repair and science for unlocking the Officer.


Well, thats all for now. I still accept suggestions for the mod progress, so feel free to suggest, also, reporting bugs and glitches will help me to fix this mod to be more better!


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