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Death Lwegacy 0.7 is here! Sorry for taking so much time, but you'll enjoy all the new content that is comming with this version, and you'll enjoy even more all the bugs/crashes we have fixed. We will continue adding nice features, and fixing some remaining troubles, but meanwhile, try the demo and give us some feedback!

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Death Legacy 0.7

Change Log:

  • GameLab Feedback
    • A movement key can be left pressed in order to keep on moving in the same direction.
    • You can close the book by pressing the “ESC” key as well as clicking outside of it.
    • A new button “Take All” in every loot window.
  • Some known bugs fixes
    • Fixed a bug that occurred when two races with different number of equipment slots are selected in the same game session.
    • Several crashes related to battling near doors.
    • Big amount of bugs which freeze the turns queue.
    • Fixed some problems regarding lack of connection between rooms (especially the portal one).
    • Fixed compass orientation.
    • Fixed a bug regarding player dying during his/her turn. This fix made possible to activate poison damage again in the game.
    • Wider combat log. Log messages should be showing correctly now.
    • Fixed several issues of the AI due to lack of connection between rooms.
    • Fixed errors related to the deferred death of the player, that were forcing us to take the player to the Game Over screen immediately.
  • New features
    • Brand-new map using a system of region check to distinguish between regions where player is, visited regions (with fog of war) and regions to be discovered (hidden)
    • Obituaries: we implemented a new system to save and load data. Right now it is used to record stats of fallen heroes that can be checked though the “Obituary” option in the main menu. This aims to implement (in the future) a system of “achievement” track and bonifications that will enhance the replayability of Death Legacy.
    • Sight perception (for the player): depending on the level of sight of the player he/she will be able to detect traps and hidden levers.
    • Traps: player can get and place traps. On the other hand, unfriendly traps will be distributed across the map and will only be discovered if he/she has enough level of sight perception.
    • Secret rooms: just like traps, only players with a certain level of sight perception will be able to spot the lever that opens the hidden door. This rooms may contain chests and fountains/campfires, so they will be useful in terms of survival.
  • Other changes
    • New sounds: trap, hidden doors, levers, more player screams, and a level up notification.
    • Coloured log entries, classified by their types.
    • Changed the interaction with the portal for stepping into it to get to the next level (a bit more logical)
    • A fixed time after death has been added, to give the player the opportunity of knowing what/who killed him/her.
    • Player death animation: sure looks fancy.
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