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3 weeks after the launch of our crowd-funding campaign, we reached our first funding objective...

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3 weeks have passed since we launched our crowd-funding campaign on Ulule website ( and started communicating about Deadlock.

We knew it would take a lot of time to send mails, post on gaming sites forums and answer to people feedbacks but, hell yeah, it really takes a lot of time and it becomes difficult to work on the game while doing so...

But the good news is we learned a few tricks about communication. Wait, the real good news is: we reached our 1st funding step! (thanks dad, mommy, friends...)
It means we will be able to buy 2 Unity3D Pro licences to make Deadlock: our project is going to be a real game released into the wild world of gaming!

We are so happy... *little tear drop*

Well, the most difficult (and stimulating) part is yet to come: indeed, we must actually MAKE the game! But we are pretty confident as we have lots of ideas and players' feedbacks have been quite positive until now.

So here we are: our crowd-funding campaign stops in less than 2 weeks from now and we hope we will eventually grab some more bucks as they will definitively help us making the game better!

Meanwhile, let's get back to work!

The 5-Bits Games team.

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