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DEADLIEST COLD Deadliest Cold is a story-driven FPS / Hybrid RPG set in a 1970s Eastern Bloc biopunk/atompunk and retro-futurism setting. Deadliest Cold is game in the alternative BioPunk™ universe. The story of the cosmic shipwreck on the deadly glacier planet. It's a scalable story with great potential for franchises and sequels.

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The cold war hasn’t ended. The Soviet dream of cosmic ascension has accelerated humankinds advancement into space exploration, and conquest. By the end of the 20th century Earth had been brought to the brink of ecological disaster through unchecked bio-experiments undertaken by the USSR. Earth lays strewn in conflicts and cataclysm while Mars becomes a flashpoint between superstates vying for hegemony. As our story begins, a cosmonaut on a supply run to a distant colony encounters a navigation disaster that strands him on a planet where the deadliest threat is the cold…

See you in the universe of Deadliest Cold!


The game world consists of the interior of a transport ship. This is the classic story of the shipwrecked survivor, a castaway; but on a setting completely inhospitable to the human species in distant: cold frontier of space. The main character will have to fight not only for his physical health but his mental stablity against impending claustrophobia begot from being confined to the confines of the ship. Full interactivity of the environment is a major emphasis of the experience.

The planet’s fatal cold, mental stability and failing physical health are the hero’s main challenges.
The main character’s fate is your hands. He’s a tech guy, not a soldier. His skills rely on monitors and circuit boards; not raw survival. The odds of rescue are low; can he muster the resources and know-how to salvage his situation or will he come to end his suffering in a surrender against the encroaching cold? Ahead of you is a daunting task but, you’re not alone..

The story features numerous forks with unpredictable outcomes that will impact the protagonist’s mind. Any decision may lead to lethal repercussions…The secondary aspect of gameplay is shared with 3rd person control of a unique ship-companion: an augmented neuro-bionically controlled ferret named Grumpy. By uplinking into his mind the player can explore otherwise in-accessible parts of the ship.

... In 1980, the familiar world fell apart.
Experiments carried out in the USSR on viruses that increase the cognitive abilities of animals led to disaster and infection of large areas in the USSR and its satellites, and then to the installation of a quarantine barrier on the border of the contaminated territories.
The fragments of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact countries created a new socialist bloc and began joint space exploration….
In 1989, East German physicist Klaus Mayer announced the discovery of the tachyon field, made it possible to move objects at a speed exceeding the speed of light. After the development of the prototype of the engine, the first ships capable of making an interstellar flight were constructed leading to an explosion of planetary exploration and colonization. The largest military-political blocs of the Earth organized colonies on the star systems closest to the Sun. The second Cold War has begun ...
The wrecked ship belongs to the colony of the socialist bloc, "Red" Mars.

The aesthetics of the retro-futuristic game are based on the 80s USSR and Warsaw Pact technology references on the old transport ship. The ship belongs to the colony of the socialist bloc, which gained independence and was "punished" by the imposition of an embargo on the supply of new computers. The technological style of Warsaw Pact 1970s-1980s is interlinked with the “dirty post-cyberpunk” and dark dystopia with post-apocalyptic flavour inspired by such films as “Blade Runner (1979)”, “Alien (1983)”, such books as “Prisoners of Power” by brothers Strugatsky, “Solaris” by Stanislaw Lem and the space function 1960-1970s with a special Eastern Soviet touch.
Transport ship of the Service for the Supply of External Territories of the GDR "Wurzburg" Trabant model of the Raumfahrt Rfz class. 011. Year of issue - 2065. Performs shuttle flights between the Colony and the Earth. Crew - 12 people. Now only 5. Hard times.

The interaction of the hero with the environment in our understanding should be implemented
more realistic, and with a departure from the "stamps" repeated from one FPS to another. Various mechanics of jamming and disabling weapons, tools, and a general lack of "survival skills" in the protagonist will contribute to a stronger identification and getting used to the role of the player.

Survival tactics, in contrast to the classic horror model, are built on the player's thinking through the consequences of an action. A reference to the Fahrenheit project will be appropriate here, where already in the starting location 4-5 options appear in front of the player, all but one of which lead to defeat at the very beginning of the game.

From the very beginning of the game, logical and moral choices appear in front of the player, each of which, to one degree or another, will affect the end of the game. Even the shipwreck itself on a planet that is fatal to humans occurs as a result of the choice of the player himself. And, incidentally, one of the options for the development of the plot provides for the absence of a shipwreck as such. A happy ending.

...We had a dream. To reach the stars. Far from over. We did. But then - we failed it… We have made a huge technological leap and learned to fly faster than the speed of light. We believed that we would see a new dawn of humanity, but we were not ready to pay the price. Because anything can change - everything except the terrified half-wild ape that sits in each of us. The primitive being within us dreads being removed from his tribe, alone away, far from a warming fire and dark cold outside the circle of light.
I feel that I am standing on the edge, beyond which - madness and a barrel against my temple. To live another day, I need to kill the ape within. Otherwise, tomorrow his madness will pull the trigger… - Yoseph.

Thus, from the very first scenes, responsibility for the events taking place is shifted to the player, and in the future, lead to rather serious consequences for the hero. The involvement of the hero in the plot, which is interactive and non-linear, occurs from the first minute of the game. There can be several options for passing, from frankly gloomy, with hallucinations of the hero, and horror elements, to lighter "morally" for the player, in case of a successful choice of solutions in logical forks. It can be either a story about a happy salvation or a story about a tragic death with painful and terrible events before it.


- A unique setting of the game in an alternative world where Cold War blocs including Warsaw Pact countries, the Soviet Union, and North Korea endure.
- Survival Mechanics - Consciousness and Stress, critically affecting gameplay and the end result. An interactive three-dimensional model of the protagonist's internal organs being affected by food, water, cold, and damage.

  • Logical and physical puzzles, technical brain-breakers, combined with visualized craft from improvised means.
  • A unique story of three characters trapped together in a small shipwreck.

See you in the universe of Deadliest Cold!

BioPunk Labs is a devoted team comprised of veteran AAA game developers with a rich and various background; inspired by the style of genres such as post-apocalypse, and retro-futurism. The team includes members from the USA, Ukraine, UK, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania. Our mission is to create unique, recognizable, and fully-handcrafted game experience

We feel recent years have marked a renaissance for eastern European game designers, in being recognized for their unique art style and storytelling. The BioPunk universe reflects an alternative timeline where the contributions of Eastern Europeans is able to stand apart without the default association with the Soviet Union.

The world of BioPunk reflects our contribution to this at creating believable, immersive and living alternate universe.

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