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New patch has a new playable tutorial, changes to make gameplay more smoother, bug fixes and more...

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Deadbuild 1.1.1 - Tutorial !

I had a wonderfull vacation at Crete and now I'm back and bringing you a new update!
This update has a lot of changes to make the gameplay more easier and more smoother.

I know that db is a pretty hard game and so it's supposed to be.
But I don't want to push people away from it because they don't know what to do or how to do it.
When I started making this game I supposed that everyone had played AoE,Warcraft,Starcraft or something similar but I quess I was wrong. Some people don't have anyidea how to play the game and one reason is because the tutorial was pretty bad, just some text and images. But now it's playable so after that you should have pretty good idea what to do.

Also I made a webiste for Deadbuild if you want to check it out.

Deadbuild 1.1.1 Full

So there is a new tutorial. It should teach you how to move units, make villagers, make houses, towers and upgrade them and at the level 1 introduce crystal, and multiple attackpaths. The old tutorial for more info can be accsessed when you are ingame to check some buttons or tips.

New tutorial and Nature selections now in the UI!

It's always fun to make something little so when building houses you will now get randomly different looking house.

New house textures

To make the gameplay more smoother to pickup, now you can see the tower's range.
And when clicking with units to something it gives the rectangle if the unit is going to do something
so it's not anymore so confusing.

Tower range indicator

Fixd & Changed


  • -New playable tutorial! (Old was kind of bad and people has wished for playable tutorial)
  • -The old tutorial can now be accsessed via ingame, so if you need some info check there and you don't need to go back to menu anymore.
  • -New song added for tutorial, Jumpsuit - Song by: Eric Skiff


  • -3 new textures for houses
  • -Rangeindicator for towers when alive and when you are going to build them
  • -When nature is selected it also shows info about them in the UI now.
  • -Remove indicator rect for mages and warriors from buildings they can't upgrade.
  • -Remove nature indicator rect from others than villagers.


  • -Lowered songs bit rate from 192 to 128 to save some space does not really change the quality
  • -When reseting villagers will now face always down, not in the direction where they were walking.


  • -Bug when full load of 2 resources villager now goes to where he last was, not one before that.
  • -Bug if Resource node is next to world edges villagers won't use them.
  • -Fixd typo with guntowers buildmenu
  • -Fixd level 5 layout


In next patch I'll look into how to engourage players to complete the campaing.
By allowing Heroes level up, giving them abilities and new heroes.
/ Maybe allowing to have more than 2 hero who knows?
I know some people have wished for those so they are coming! :)

Enjoy db!

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