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The mod Dead Soil project will begin Development now. The mod will bring a new musical score, weapons, quests, and other fun stuff. Stay posted for new information!

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Partial Change Log is available on the Dead Soil Elite Squad development group page.

Dead Soil Partial Change Log:Dynamic weapon system
-You are able to add more than a single attachment to a weapon (multiple scopes)
Dynamic armor system
-You are able to attach attachments on your suit, you will be required to change the gas mask filter, if filter is not changed character will lose stamina faster because of an inability to breath.
A.I. Overhaul
-A.I. will be ported from the best A.I. mod there is, the A.I. mod that we will be porting is called M.S.O. (Massive Simulation Overhaul)
Item overhaul
- More than 200 new misc. and usable items will be added to the game for the soul purpose of immersion
Total Engine Overhaul
-Xray 1.6 engine is a very flexible engine, it can be heavily modified
therefore we will use the engine extensions from the famous SHOKER MOD (view the videos here!)

-What will we add to the engine ? Well we will add the following features (not all are from Shoker mod) :
1. Change Fov ingame (trough the console)
2. Dynamic NPC armor system ( the NPCs have armor parts on them [view the Shoker videos for a better explanation])
3. Actor shadow
4. Thirst
5. Drug addiction ( if you use things like cocaine you will get addicted)6. Dynamic attachment system (from shoker 3.0 [Q1 2016], this feature is still in the development by the shoker team and it is questionable)


I don't want to sound rude but 'Dead Soil' sounds like one of those poorly done zombie games that flood Steam even though DayZ and The Walking Dead's hype days are over now. Which leaves the question, will it have lots of zombies? :P

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The mod sounds like it could be very good :) and I like lots of zombies :p

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