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It's been a year since I put out the last demo so I felt it was time for a new one.

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It's been a year since I put out the last demo so I felt it was time for a new one.

This one is for Windows, Mac and Linux and uses FNA rather than XNA like the last.

Here is a big honking list of changes over the past year.

0.4.3 24th March 2015 DEMO EDITION
Changed - Bar units
Fixed - Floating items in bar
Fixed - Stopped bar tables getting stuck in traders.
Fixed - Bars walls no longer let players get behind them.
Changed - Capped game so you cannot progress past the butchers block. Sorry This was done to stop bugs. :(
Changed - Ready text
Fixed - Hud elements over the top of "fullscreen" black bars.

0.4.2 21st March 2015
Changed - Graphical tweaks to HUD.
Added - Local co-op drop in drop out.
Added - Peterparker debug mode.
Fixed - Restored the CSR-Studios bug catcher in windows version.
Fixed - Zombies no longer attack the area where a player died.
Fixed - Invisible dead players are no longer dragged from area to area and blocking doors.
Fixed - Co-op players that die in inventory can now pause game.
Changed - Dead players now have a HUD.
Changed - HUD position.
Fixed - Players 2-4 can now skip the thank you screen. 16th March 2015
Fixed - Weapons that used 0 ammo were acting like they were out of ammo.

0.4.1 15th March 2015
Fixed - Hotkey crash
Fixed - Crypt door blocked.
Fixed - Hair color not being save correctly.

0.4 6th March 2015 PAX East Build
LOTS OF STUFF! So much I forgotten most of it. Here is a highlights
Added - Graveyard, crypts and tin sheds,
Added - Flares/flareguns
Changed - Secondary weapons can now be ranged.
Changed - Interiors now more dynamic
Bug fixes

0.3.1 - 26th January 2015
Changed - Tidied up single player inventory stats layout.
Added - Little corner notification on items that are equiped.
Changed - Weapons now have brands and levels. (Balance needed!)
Added - Mod support.
Changed - Tidied up main menu.
Added - Generated scene behind main menu.
Added - You can now save custom characters.
Changed - Tided up Character creator menus.
Changed - background on character creator menu.
Added - More types cars added to streets.
Fixed - Clear path added to stage to make sure no dead ends.
Fixed - Performance problem when near too many items.
Changed - Changes to pixel shaders after some changes in FNA.

0.3 - 24th December 2014
Added - Rubbish possibly buggy quick game mode. I'll fix it in the new year.

0.2.4 - 21st December 2014
Added - Weather.
Added - Double width sidewalks.
Added - Other colors of roads.
Changed - Dirtied sidewalks
Fixed - Bugs with options menu. - 6th December 2014 [WINDOWS ONLY]
Changed - Use all render targets from the beginning of the game. - 6th December 2014 [WINDOWS ONLY]
Changed - Force garbage collection every time the state changes to try to clear the white screen bug. - 5th December 2014
Added - Brady Bunch debug mode

0.2.3 - 5th December 2014
Updated - FNA framework (Maybe fixed white screen error)
Added - Small start up intro (Maybe fixed white screen error)
Changed - "Battle car" replaced with "survivor RV"
Changed - Cut screen widescreen replaced with 4:3.
Changed - Changed how music is loaded. Still needs a lot of memory but better.

0.2.2 - 27th November 2014
Changed - Lighting system overhaul.
Fixed - Some office items had no collision.
Fixed - Fixed bug with prefabs not changing collision box when changing form.
Added - More advanced VHS effects.
Changed - Some tutorial art / the order of tutorial.

0.2.1 - Auchi 2014 build
Fixed - Player 2-4 can now skip the street name screen
Fixed - Some damage bugs
Changed - Sniper skill now more obvious
Fixed - Butcher damaging himself
Fixed - Pause when entering buildings.
Fixed - Indoor lighting bug
Fixed - Enter/exit areas on streets
Fixed - Bug with players leaving and re-entering games.
Changed - Destroyed barrels no longer have collision box.

0.2 - 10th November 2014
Changed - Recolored roads a little.
Changed - Weapons and ammo now colored in store and inventory.
Fixed - Spit now damage player.
Fixed - Crash when butcher changes from.
Added - Graveyard area.
Changed - VHS color shift made less intense.
Added - Support for Prefab groups (groups of objects).
Added - Added shine to items.
Changed - Music stuff recoded to allow more control over music.
Fixed - [Mac + Linux] music now works.
Added - Some new awesome tracks.
Added - Pause screen now lists the current track playing, artist and album.
Changed - Windows now uses FNA.
Changed - Transitions between streets now animated.
Added - Control pad Vibration
Fixed - Various small bugs.
Added - Billboards, fire escapes and building tops.
Changes - Filenames all lowercase for Linux
Changes - Check for osx/linux files at start up to detect if windows or not.
Changes - X's on doors and ooze on ground now glow in the dark. - 13th september 2014 [OSX + Linux]
First LINUX Build! (Only 64 bit 32 bit crashes.)
Changed - Improvements to graphics code to boost Linux and OSX performance. - 13th September 2014 [OSX only]
First Mac Build!
Music disabled due to bug

0.1.4 - 11th september 2014
Changed - Weapon and damage systems recoded for online
Changed- Level-up animation
Changed - Tweaks to random system to help with online
Added - Lots of online test stuff (Disabled in public build)
Changed - Blood drops recoded (Disabled in public build)
Added - Boss healthbar
Changed - Zombie sprite system recoded. Larger enemies and different fps animations now possible.
Changed - Loading screen tape now rewinds.
Changed - Enemies and objects flash red when damaged.
Changed - Recoded sprite recoloring code. Multiple bugs fixed with this.
changed - Kickback improved.
changed - Road markings now randomized.
Added - Exploding barrels now added.
Changed - Car numbers changed
Added - Parking meters.
Added - Butcher Boss.

0.1.3 - 20th July 2014
Added- Debug option to disable VHS and CRT effects.
Added- Debug option to set start seed.
fixed- Graphical bug when entering buildings with doors on the right side.
fixed- Characters sprite is dark when about to change area.
fixed- Players weapons sticking through walls when entering buildings.
Changed- Glass bottles now spray glass everywhere when destroyed
Changed- Street length doubled. zombie numbers and car numbers increased to suit long streets.
changed- XP from new areas lowered.
changed- Car HP levels lowered
changed- Cars now explode.
Fixed- Tutorial cars alarm now visible.
Fixed- Doors can no longer be heard when not on screen.
Fixed- Players switch to idol animation when talking to storekeepers.

0.1.2 - 12th July 2014
Fixed- Item Spawn point set too high.
Fixed- Players getting stuck in doors.
Fixed- End of demo message.
Fixed- Bug in player sprite layers when meleeing.
Changed- Made small changes to help with OSX port.
Added- More buildings added to the pool of buildings used in streets.
Changed- Tidied up random building table.
Changed- Disabled breakpoint when debugger is not attached.
Fixed- Sub prefabs (Cash Registers) now show when they receive damage.

0.1.1 - 28th June 2014
Fixed- Missing textures due to name not being updated.
Fixed- Throwable weapons being equipped as healing items.
Changed- Store speech bubbles lowered.
Added- More items to sewers
Added- New enemy to sewers
changed- Character creator tided up
Changed- Game pauses if the window loses focus.
Changed- You can no longer shoot when throwing a grenade or meleeing.
Fixed- You no longer can face the other way while in the middle of an action.
Added- CSR Error message catcher added.
Added- Options to skip tutorial and intro added to non demo version.
Added- Pathfinding for some enemies.
Added- Bar furniture.
Changed- data files restructured.
Added- office Furniture.
Added- car alarm sound waves.
Changed- Buildings now lead to different kinds of interiors.
changed- Main menu now has mouse support, social media buttons and extra options.
Fixed- Some skill images that did not display.
Changed- Status screen in single play inventory updated.
Changed- Player head bob added.
Fixed- Small mistakes in door placement.
Changed- More types of doors added.
Changed- Made random characters less random.
Changed- Opening can now be skipped.
Changed- TV's added to opening.

First public release

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