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New demo build has been released, battles in large, open fields, elevation/terrain bonuses and ranged combat!

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Hey guys,

So as promised, here is the next demo build of Dead Monarchy. As usual, this is WIP and subject to change.


This represents 1 year and 6 months of work out of the 5 years that I have set aside for development time. I decided quite early on that I'd openly talk about the development of Dead Monarchy, especially since it is my first game. I feel like I've made great strides and I will continue to improve and polish Dead Monarchy to the best of my abilities as it is literally the only game I "play".

As for the demo itself, it is still just a combat demo, but it is persistent. Meaning you can level up your characters, acquire new abilities and equipment and it will all be persistent as there is an autosave system. There is no loading, it is "ironman" mode, where your choices are permanent. You'll get a taste of the combat against a basic enemy AI that will utilize formations, flanking and elevation tactics. The battles in this demo build move away from the confined spaces of the tourney grounds and into a large open forest environment with elevation.

A lot of features have been added and some mechanics have been changed, if you played the previous demo:

1. Traditional turn based system, in that actions trigger immediately after user input as opposed to the end of the phase. I still like the idea, but it gets too chaotic in larger battles. I'd still like to implement the original turn system later, when I go back to tourney battles.

2. Action Point system. Previously I used the two turn system, move and attack. now everything is based on Action Points. You can attack or move as much as your AP allows. Currently AP is static, but in the future will be determined by a stat.

3. Elevation. I've started on terrain bonuses, with elevation being the first. Elevation grants +15% or -15% hit chance bonus depending if you are above or below. Elevation also disables any ability and attacks that are aimed at the body, forcing you to attack higher to reach the enemy, meaning only head attacks and abilities are available.

4. A tutorial has been added, but it is only text and still needs some UI tweaks, but the basic functionality is there. A step up from the first demo.

5. Large open forest environment, that makes use of elevation.

6. 10+ armor sets to acquire, some pseudo legendary armors to play around, just for the demo.

7. Enemy now has its own distinct look and utilizes flanking, formation and elevation AI. Keep in mind, this is only a basic enemy type.

8. Combat UI has been improved, some of the clutter removed. There are still more improvements to come. This also goes for the general UI as well, there will be several revisions of the UI.

9. Added some general options. You can toggle fast mode for combat when out of combat. Sound options and toggles for the tutorials.

10. A few weapon types have been condensed but the amount of abilities largely remain the same, that said not all abilities are in the demo. There are a few new abilities in build 0.2.0. IE, a shield bash that knocks an enemy back.

I'll now be splitting off and separating into two builds. The demo build and the development build, demo build will still be updated with more updates. I am now working towards implementing the research and base management systems.

Dead Monarchy will continue to improve over time, I am fully committed to this. The settlement for my house has now been completed so I have access to more funds which I plan to continue putting towards development. Now to celebrate build 0.2.0, a few images that show the progress that has been made so far :)

I actually started prototyping in Unreal Engine, then moved to Unity after!

WIP Build 1

WIP Build 2

WIP Build 3

WIP Build 4

WIP Build 5 1

If you guys have any feedback, feel free to post here, over on the codex forums or sign up to the Dead Monarchy forums.

DM Forums:

Rpgcodex Forums:

Stay tuned for more!

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