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After a lot of back and forward and hordes of undead slain in the pursuit of modding perfection we now have our top three finalists for the ModDB Dead Island Riptide scripting competition.

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After fighting our way through hordes of the undead in the pursuit of modding perfection we arrived at our top three entries in the ModDB Dead Island Riptide scripting competition!

First of all we need to thank our sponsors Nvidia, Deep Silver and iBuypower for providing the fantastic prizes for this event. The top three winners will each walk away with a significant boost of gaming power and epeen with the first place winner getting a totally new custom gaming rig from iBuypower.

The winner takes home a custom PC from iBuyPower
Second place gets dual NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660

Third place gets a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660

Without further ado here are your winners and soon to be grinners!

Third Place - Day & Night Cycle Henderson Town Mod

This mod came out of nowhere. One of the most unique entries in this competition the Day & Night Cycle mod does just as described, adds a Day and Night Cycle to the Henderson Town location within Dead Island Riptide.

The author of the mod has stated that creating the mod he came across several difficulties the main one being that the area of the Henderson Town has a imposed "glow effect" on the water itself making the night effect almost impossible to create. However after several hours of work and a special thanks to some of the new engine code within Riptide he was able to get the desired effect. The area was quite imposing before the mod, so it is suggested if you're brave enough to face Henderson Town at night to bring a lot of health items, flares and brass balls.

Second Place - Kesslers Experiment

Kesslers Experiment came very very very close to actually winning this competition for one main reason, the mod itself could easily be considered a DLC for the main game and it fits perfectly within the game's world. Check out the video for all the details on how the mod actually works but needless to say Kesslers Experiment is a fantastic entry.

I mean who wouldn't want to mix a bunch of old chemicals and inject them into your arms? Seems like a good idea to me.

First Place - George Romero Survival Horror Edition

So here we are at first place and sitting at the top of the pack is none other than the George Romero Survival Horror Edition, for good reason as well! The mod while being a significant change to Zombie, weapon, survivor and item behaviors it comes packed with additional content sure to push your gameplay experience to even greater lengths.

There is an absolute plethora of different game mods and variations to the game added into the modification. Here are the examples of the extended gameplay modes on offer.

  • "Exorcist" mode. The women have been possessed by demons! They will set you on fire! Beware, they are very creepy!
  • "Gunner's Island" mode. The island has been taken over by gun crazy women! Experience Dead Island Riptide as a true first person shooter!
  • "Lilliput" mode. The little people of Lilliput have been zombified! Beware these tiny flesh eaters!
  • "Slashers" mode. The women have disappeared and the men have gone crazy due to loneliness. They will use their swords to slash you to pieces!

We just could not overlook the work put into George Romero Survival Horror Edition, the extensive editing and customization alone is worthy of a place in the top three mods in this competition but the overall package sealed the deal on first place.

Congratulations to all of the winners in the competition, proving once and for all the lack of any real tools or SDK's can never stop a motivated modder! Thanks again to Nvidia, Deep Silver and iBuypower and enjoy the mods, as there are plenty more for Dead Island Riptide to be found.

deadrawkstar - - 396 comments

This was pretty cool, it goes to show almost any game is moddable.

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Adeno - - 168 comments

Thank you very much to the organizers of this contest for giving modders and curious gamers like me a chance to win a lot of wonderful prizes while we do what we love: Experimenting with different possibilities in order to give gamers more fun and enjoyment!

I also thank everyone who took the time to download and play with the George Romero Survival Horror Edition mod! Your feedback, requests, comments, and encouragement truly helped shape the evolution of this mod because they opened up my mind to all sorts of possibilities.

Developing this mod was really a great experience for me. I worked on this mod with the mindset of a gamer, a zombie fan, and a game/mod developer. Simply making a modification to a game is not enough if it wouldn't let people enjoy the features along with the game. I had to think "What do the players want? What is fun and worth developing?". Another important aspect of the mod's development was understanding what fans of the zombie genre love about the undead. One of the biggest challenges was answering the question "How do I add the feeling of dread into this game?".

Thank you again to everyone involved in organizing this competition, DeepSilver, Techland, iBuypower, Nvidia, and ModDb! Of course, thank you to all of the zombie fans, gamers, and people from different parts of the internet who gave the George Romero Survival Horror Edition mod a chance to become a part of their zombie apocalypse experience! I sincerely appreciate your support, have fun and happy gaming!

Download the George Romero Survival Horror Edition ->

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Dead-deadisland - - 44 comments

A big thanks to ModDb DeepSilver, Techland, iBuypower, Nvidia, for organizing this modding competition.

Its been a great comp with some excellent mods .Thanks to all the mod gamers out there for your feedback and

Hope you all enjoy and have fun playing my day & night cycle (my hair has just grown back, After pulling it out trying to make it )
and my other mods . I have a new mod out soon for you all to try .

and finally

Congratulations to all the winners, and everyone who entered the competition

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Heavenly1 - - 7 comments

Sorry Henley I disagree on your second place entry. To say its a scrip comp well? almost and calling wilko s mod a dlc omg.... The first part were you went wrong is he used ricks bin Di hack ...To edit the files ....not his work own work.... have you not noticed by the lack of Downloads for the mod .... His only strong point was the buffs.xml the mod is broken and crashes the game ... second place Henley oh! Lesson to Learn don't hack Bin file's And well done everyone else xxx

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DarkMajor21 - - 651 comments

What is the song in the Kessler experiment video? Can anyone tell me?

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