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This news will explain what Dead Inside is,who is part of the team and what they do and what goals we have set for now.

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Hello IndieDB, Today I am going to speak about Sector7Games first major commercial project Dead Inside. Dead Inside is a open world zombie survival game based on two islands where you have to gather supplies to survive not only against zombies but hunger and thirst, you will also encounter gangs that will try and steal your supplies and weapons but if your lucky enough you can find survivors and recruit them to survive with you and fight of other gangs and zombies.

Now onto the team, our team consists of five members who are truly talented in there aspects of game development.
Josh Gallagher: Thats me the founder of Sector7Games, I am the business side of things like contracts, marketing and other technical things but I also am the level designer and I am the project manager.
Levi Graham: Levi is our talented programmer who makes the things come alive within the unity system and creates great innovative ways to bring great game play to this company and game including up to 2000 zombies on screen at once.
William Kruger: This guy is one of our modelers and works very hard to bring great looking models to the game, he specialises in props, buildings, guns and vehicles but he can learn to do pretty much anything. And also he is my associate on coming up with good acceptable contracts and other business side things.
Guillermo Morillas: All I can say about this guy is AAA! He is our character modeler and he is so talented in what he does, he creates some stunning pieces of work and really gives this game an edge with the detail, also he is a great texture artists and make models look like they are real people.
Ivan Donik: Ivan is a talented guy, he is our music engineer and creates great pieces of work, he is a one man team and has a lot of content to produce and does it to a AAA standard.
This isn't just a load of people wanting to make a game we are a team that is full of talent and produces only AAA game quality.

Now for our goals, we want to achieve a lot and look at things in an optimistic way but we also look at things in reality and that's why we produce good content. One of our main goals is to release an open alpha by June 2013 for all our fans and update it until we start selling the product, also another goal is to have a multiplayer where there will be up to 50 people in a game with zombies and trying to survive and our last goal that we see that could become reality is to have this game done by next year summer.

So thank you for reading and I hope you follow up on Dead Insides development and our journey as a team. Check us out on our website at . This domain will be changed (weebly) once website is finished.

Some work just to show you guys.

Dead Inside Cover

Rendered Zombie face

Main character update (WIP)


Sounds great, good luck to you guys.

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Sector7-Games Author

Thanks ! Hope you will watch us.

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so far the textures remind me of comic books is that what you guys are aiming for or is there going to be something more realistic.

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Hi! I'm the character modeler of the team, we are still working on the look of the textures, we are aiming for a realistic feeling to further inmerse the player in a zombie apocalypse, but the head and the hair are a mixture of real-life textures and hand painting techniques

Thanks for the comment!!

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