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DEAD END 3 Full Release V1.84! This is the first Full Release of DEAD END 3... Let's kill some Mutants!

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DEAD END 3 FULL RELEASE V1.84! [EDIT 2022-05-10]

DE3 1 84 Pic1

The Alien Queen...

Has taken over the city! She lays eggs and expands her territory. The Mutants that are born from the eggs feed on humans and continue to Mutate... Evolve...

You're a Marksman who has one mission... to kill the Queen!

Your only friend during the mission is your Helicopter Companion. But this will not be Easy...

DEAD END 3 is a Fast-Paced, Action-Packed Mutant Shooter game with A LOT of Metal Music!

DE3 1 84 Pic4

The First Full Version is out!

This game is currently only available for Download at Rednapgames Patreon!

The game will keep receiving updates from now on forward on Patreon until the game is ready for the market! When the game hits the market, all Patreons will get it for Free & Their Name in the End Credits!

(+ Some Secret Things...) 😈


DE3 1 84 Pic3

Version 1.86... [EDITED FROM RECENT PATCH! 2022-05-10]

For Windows only at the moment! 🖥️

Size after installation 2 GB!

A Decent computer is required to run this smoothly!

Lag-reducing options are ingame!

Keybinding options are ingame!

Mouse Options are Ingame!

No Difficulty options are ingame! (Unlocks will make the game easier!)

Playing at 30 FPS is working but the game will run slower!

This game will get even more content updates in future versions...I ain't stopping here! 👹

DE3 1 84 Pic5

Don't Forget...

To check out the Amazing people who make the Music in DEAD END 3! 🤘

DEgITx (Ingame)

Matty M (Ingame)

AMRPHIS (Ingame)

FAYZED (Secret)

Kevin Macleod (Secret)

DE3 1 84 Pic2


This game project by Sharing it with your budds, or online! I would be really glad if you did and it helps me out more than you think.

Tell me what I can improve in my games:

Check out my videos on youtube:

Support me on Patreon: ❤️

My Official Website: (Offline)

NOW... Let's Kill Some Mutants! 😈

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