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After two years of development is dead corridor finally released

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The year is 2014. You play Sgt. Jacksen, a member of S.U.P.A. (Special Unit for Paranormal Accidents). You and your team are sent to an abandoned bunker, which was used by the army. Paranormal Accidents were reported in this bunker. You'll face the Nano Controling Company (NCC) and their Project: Alice, which is more important than you think...


  • Dark Atmosphere
  • 1h+ Gameplaytime
  • New Skins (Bloody, Smokey)
  • New Models
  • Squad Parts
  • CutScenes
  • CustomHUD


Known Bugs:

The desktop link doesn't work - mod must be started from the mod folder
Crysis Wars (1.5) only
- no Crysis support


Launch Trailer:

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