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Short post detailing soon-to-be-released work on new stuff.

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So, I've taken some time here and there over the past two (three?) months to touch up this project in spots. Here, eat some changes:


  • Hor+ FOV support (automatically scales FOV based off aspect ratio and "Desired FOV" setting)
  • Death messages are now only hidden for 3-4p games
  • Added a "Show Splitscreen Quick Peek" option to toggle the weapon picker peek
  • Re-enabled dialog (only plays for first player)
  • Campaign mutator support test (see campaign mutator section for use)
  • Weapon picker now shows AVRiL, Redeemer etc. when appropriate
  • Enabled per-player auto-taunt settings
  • Trimmed down menus for splitscreen players


  • AI side-project merged into mod
  • Anti-stuck measures for AI, fixing issues such as bots getting stuck in DM-Turbine
  • Bots use tow cables more often
  • Better follow behavior - bots utilize Link Gun properly when following and break off for combat when appropriate (within range and LOS to leader)
  • Initial orders for bots are now randomly assigned; influenced by other bots' orders
  • Bots now allowed to use hunting and "devious" behavior in team games and when large numbers of bots are present (more CPU intensive, but shouldn't be a problem)
  • Bots now use larger squads for better coordination
  • Bots now use any vehicle of opportunity, not just squad vehicles
  • When near a flag carrier and in a fast vehicle (Scorpion, Manta, etc.), bots will position themselves to tow the flag carrier (basic behavior, but it helps)
  • Bots try harder to get a vehicle unstuck before simply abandoning it
  • Bots with no passengers in an air vehicle will attempt to fetch passengers when not in combat (optimal Cicada usage for starters)
  • Bots now attempt to get out and heal vehicles when not busy
  • Bots now prefer non-vehicle paths when on foot (helps them sneak around vehicles)

Since the scope of the mod has broadened slightly to AI stuff, it will now be simply titled "foxMod". The AI and Splitscreen/Gamepad stuff will be packaged separately, so you can use one component without the other if you wish.

Warfare Facing Worlds

I'm not quite where I'd like to be with the AI, but the code's fun to toy with and I think it's a pretty good start considering there's no other stabs at AI that I've seen (the game's a few years old anyhow). Bots are still pretty awful at VCTF / vehicles in general, but at least they're a little more enjoyable in these gametypes now. The expanded behaviors in DM are subtle, but also a plus.

Most of the work on the splitscreen side of things was done late summer; for any that do actually follow this mod, I apologize for not releasing that work sooner. I'm pretty happy with the Hor+ FOV support as that helps bring UT3 to the (thankfully) 2012 ideal of highly configurable FOV in games (just wish more allowed this! I'm looking at you, every-game-without-FOV-sliders).

I expect to release this either tonight or tomorrow, as I'll probably poke at the finishing touches when I'm tired of swimming around in all the work I should really be doing.


Will the AI improvements and other stuff be available just in single-player view (without split-screen)?

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foxBoxInc Author

Yep. The number of local splitscreen players can be changed at any time (even in-game) via a menu option. All of the enhancements work with any number of players.

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