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After a long time 5.0 is released!!!! Tons of new code changes and the new install is more user friendly!

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The Installer is so much better now! It now has a working ingame server browser that is updateable! A game launcher that make offline bot play so easy to get a game started! 8 teams: USA, Germany, Russia, Great Britain, Japan, Poland, Italy & US Marines.
over 60 weapons
61 maps (plus hundreds more available)

-tons of map changes (server side) to fix weird objectives,
spawn points, and other gameplay issues on dday1, 3, inland5, desert
campaign and lots of other maps (destroy the train on inland1!)
-servers can add campaigns to maplist like: sv_maplist "dday invade inland doomtown"
objectives screen shows what objectives are needed and is displayed
when spawning on objective maps (or with 'objectives' bind)
-lots of changes to flamethrower (will be more powerful)
-lots of weapon animation tweaks
-player gets knocked out of aiming when punched
-medics see wounded players blinking red
-improved menu, more newbie friendly
-new scoreboard for alternate stats (accuracy, +/-) doubleclick the scoreboard bind to use
-health left for destroyable objectives are shown on the screen when the player shoots them
-flags announced on invade1
-capture the civilian mode
-regular and long range mode grenade throwing
-New Campaign Mode
- Bullet hit sounds depending on whether you hit metal wood etc
- Bullet whiz noise for when bullets fly by close to the player
- Moved all team code into the game dll to try to stop team crashes
- Better shotgun code for usm and other small team code tweaks
- Thrown knives bounce off metal
- Some small animation improvements for punching and other stuff
- new maplist code from regular quake 2
- changing stance hitbox fix
- teammate names are highlighted in death messages
- flamethrower flames move faster when player is running
- fixed binocular aim being messed up
- teamname is displayed before player chat message
- added + back to medics name in scoreboard
- new timed_objective_touch entity (capture the church)
and much more!


Hey Kvaki I'll DL this

Btw its me Kunai, or "Kundai" as you used to call me. Any NA servers up or is all Chilean servers still?

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kvaki Author

Hey! sup man!
server list

Btw Dev Dirks server has bots on the server for 24/7 gameplay with bots. Now you can play with whenever you like. Also the installer has a built in bot launcher so you can play offline if you like. Use the DDay Launcher.exe in the install directory to play with bots.

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