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Check out the article Jason (Learder of DCG) posted on our DMS section...

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Check out the article Jason (Learder of DCG) posted on our DMS section...
DCG Announcment Link

NEWS ... Realism 2 will be released in tandem with DCG 2.5

Realism 2 will include...

- Newly balanced accuracy for guns
- Much better AA defence for vehicles (includes the addition of new specialized AA shells for certain guns)
- More realistic plane damage & behavior
- Better vehicle scripting
- Improved pathing for all units (No more cannons walking though walls only to kill themselves by falling debris)
- Improved fog of war settings (much truer LOS than ever before)
- Rebalanced difficulty settings ("Hard" will kick you ain the pants if your not careful)
- AI does greater damage to each other for more realistic battles
- No longer do dead vehicles get pushed around like paper bags (you kill that tank on the brigde.. you've got yourself a roadblock my friend)
- Infantry endurance and sprinting improved (no longer short mini bursts like a FPS)

- Hulls repairable
- Changed some of the vehicle damage text... red means destoryed (unrepairable), yellow means repairable, grey means no damage
- New tracer graphic
- Added new color to "distance number" when firing beyond effective range
- Fixed human sprinting, relates to weapon loadouts
- Added some new car and cannon scripts... crews bail on immobile or unable to turn/shoot gun
- Added gun crews bail second before about to be runover
- Merged w/ Ty's hud
- Rebalanced all difficulties to be a little easier, I recommend normal as the default (hard is still very hard)****
- Added chance of helmets being knocked off from explosions :D****
- Add headshot instand kill chance when not wearing helmet
- MG's shoot at planes.. human mgs can be told to do so

.... just to name a few changes and this doesn't include alot of improvements that have been applied directly to DCG (realistic fuel tank size & consumption rates, correct ammo counts for vehicles, accurate max speeds, gas & diesel engines... etc)

So lots of good stuff to come for the Fans of DCG and Realism

SnakeTheFox - - 382 comments

You guys should consider looking into porting this whole experience over to Assault Squad as best you can (assuming you even can). After enjoying AS beta I can't see myself ever moving back to vanilla MoW.

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Ty2903 Author
Ty2903 - - 248 comments

If you read the link that is what is talked about....

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SnakeTheFox - - 382 comments

Never even saw the hyperlink there, thought this was just patch notes.

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Ty2903 Author
Ty2903 - - 248 comments

Yes... we are currently testing (internally) a very basic version of DCG for AS. It won't have the map, unit, or infantry packs yet, but it will allow you to play DCG using AS's infantry and vehicles until we have the time to move over all the MoW stuff (maps, infantry, vehicles) to AS.

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