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There goes the day and here comes the night...a brief update on our latest feature and an idea of what it will mean for our Source mods.

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Blackout Studios has been busily slaving away to get the day/night transition to work in Source. We've made some slight changes to our earlier approaches and the current results are already looking very promising. If things continue this well, you can expect sneak peek at the feature in action very soon.

So why are we so excited about this feature? Well apart from the fact that too many people told us it isn't possible and we're just dying to prove them wrong (selfish, aren't we :-/), this feature will open up a whole new dimension of possibilities in terms of gameplay atmosphere in Source. Zombies, Mutations, Monsters, Psychos, Murderers, What-Ever-You-Want-To-Callems like to come out and cause havoc at imagine finding yourself alone in the middle of the woods, as you realise it has gone dark. Night-time is upon you and you're still a good couple of miles away from the camp, police station, shelter, etc. You won't be alone for much longer ;)

This feature will allow us to set "time-of-day" specific spawns and enable/disable atmospheric scripts relative to the time of day. We can of course also control the speed of the transition and with the addition of existing entities we can create a whole new experience for all you Source gamers out there!

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Blackout Studios Dev Team

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