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Challenge started: Revision 1 finished on day one. Camera system: Works Character system: Works Main Menu & Intro: Finished ToDO: - Character Animation - Additional SFX & VFX (Shuriken Particle Systems) - Shop System - Ecosystem

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Stranded - Nowhere

Today I started development by scetching a few concept arts for our main character (the ultimate hero of this game), later the day I started to model the character using 3ds max and thanks to photoshop I was able to add a first base texture too.

Now I won't show any screenshots of the char himself today, as I am not yet satisfied with his look and I am pretty sure his appearance will be altered by the end of this week!

Regarding the coding part... You know the stuff that helps to catch a headache^^

Today I finished the very first revision of Stranded. The camera system works, the character controller is in place, basic gamepad input is also working and thanks to unity Windows,Mac and Linux export is a breeze!

What to do next:

  • Animate the character: Need to rig and animate the character myself... Or better find somebody who has experiencce in this! If you read this and know how to rig a character please contact me!
  • Add additional SFX & VFX: Footstep sounds, waves etc. and lot's of particles... Colorful particles^^
  • Add a native GUI Skin: I still don't understand Unity's built in GUI system but I am relying on it and therefore I will need to create my own game skin in photoshop. Again, if you think you can do it better do not hesitate to contact me!

That's it for now, it was a long day and tomorrow will be just one of those days!

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