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A quick summary of Battlefield 4 based on my demented ten point system.

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+1 Pretty.
+4 Relatively believable interesting characters.
-1 Tried too hard to make some characters hardasses, which occasionally turned conversations into a dick measuring competition.
+3 Plot wasn't ridiculous.
+69 Badass Russian.
-71 Killing off the Badass Russian casually to get on with the plot. (not even a heroic death, cmon that goes against the rules of badassery)
+4 Good pacing; didn't drag out too long and the story moved from one point to another smoothly.
-2 Never overviewed the situation with Russia or China. (obviously at war to some end, otherwise left clueless)
+1 Satisfying end. (and one of the easiest choices in the history of mankind)


(Summary: Good short campaign; obviously not the reason to buy the game in the first place but regardless deserves credit for being a relatively good experience in totality for what it is.)

+9 Most maps don't suck like the last game's.
-1 Ironically enough, could use a few smaller maps. Most are outright huge.
-1 A few maps feel like a puzzle with some bits forcefully shoved in.
+2 Map specific "levolution events" sometimes drastically change a map.
+3 Managed to fill maps with a variety of vehicles, including some hardly utilized in the previous game.
-2 Combat is still as hyper as it was in the last game, moving away from the older less ADD inducing combat of older Battlefield games. If I wanted that, I'd go play Call of Duty.
-1 Awkward initial loadouts/odd weapons, such as the default automatically locking-on missile launcher that takes 5 hits to destroy a tank but can be fired practically at the rate of a sniper rifle.
-1 Abysmal Launch.

*Launch Issues*

-1 Frequent(expected) lag/rubberbanding problems.
-3 Frequent CTDs and server crashes.
-1 Map-specific sound problems; for extended periods of time on a relatively large number of maps you cannot hear anything and will probably die to things you can't even hear, like tanks.

Launch: 4/10
Once Patched/Fixed: 8/10


I agree. I'd put a -2 for bad customization. The idea is cool, but there are too many 'special snowflake' camos that looked as if they were made by 2 year olds. Most gun/vehicle camo should be just spray on.

There also weren't enough classes or customization that effected the soldier or vehicles geometry, so that loses points, although I did like how there was more variation between classes.

Good review.

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ComradeWinston Author

Meh, the battlepacks are a negative for me but the random personalization stuff that comes with them are a slight bonus. As far as I'm concerned, the more retarded customization options the better.

Half my vehicles are hex snow with Inquisition marks all over. :D

Though I can hardly play in the state this shite is in. Every other match the damn thing crashes and when its not crashing it either lags or there's no sound. I'm at a point where I may just stop playing until a few days from now in the hope its not still broken by then.

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Launch issues sound exactly like what I had with BF3 an unplayable game for months because of which I rated it very low. Lack of COOP and crappy campaign give it the rest to make me not buy for some time to come.
Maybe i'll give it a try once I got tired of COD.
nice review/first impression don't understand your points though. -71? +69?

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ComradeWinston Author

I'd sooner buy $60 worth of asparagus than give Activision $2 for the same game they released nearly a decade ago.

And clearly my mathematical reasoning is perfection... -71 + 69 = -2

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Last I checked, the "News" section for a game wasn't a place to put your review.

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