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As the end of the week rushes towards us we are getting more and more community content.

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Here is JLea's progress on the coding, which he says took 8 hours to get the particles working correctly. I must say it's a good job too.

As well as this, here is some community progress on the maps and models. Be sure to check out all the images and see whats possible in just a week.

Orbital WIP 2 - By Pelf Orbital WIP 2 - By Pelf Grenade Launcher Rifle model by Snood_1990 yumyumshisha's Blade Canyon WIP2 - By Sergeant Turtle Canyon WIP2 - By Sergeant Turtle

ponpat - - 129 comments

For just 5 days this really looks promising and I hope you reach your goal you had for the 7 days, but just from seeing what you have done: I think you have spend to much time on details for reaching your goal. Usually for a mod this is great, but, you know, if you have such a small time limit...
But like I said, I wish you good luck and if someone can get it I think you can and everythink else I (or we) will see when you are done :)

PS: I love maps with dev-textures *-*

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Killer_Monkey - - 56 comments

so are you guys trying to make a mod in just 1 week ?

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zonbie - - 1,299 comments

duh and/or hello

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Rukus_ - - 660 comments

You only have 2 days guys. Just 2 days. Get that **** textured (dev textured guns, for great justice)

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jerry111 - - 60 comments

this hsould be fun.

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SPY-maps - - 2,909 comments

i am amazed by what you 2 guys already have accomplished in just 5 days. but, why just take 1 (!!!) week to get a mod finished.
good mods just take time to get them done well, and by setting the dev time on forehand on 1 week you make it so hard for yourself.

all in all, i like what is done by now!


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JLea - - 305 comments

It also means I'm motivated and have a set release date.

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