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A brief written summary of day 25. No picture, as I am still struggling with the internet.

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Hopefully this should be posted. Trying to use phone to update is brutal, as I don't have that much data.
Day 25 was spent working on extracting data from a txt file. Not succeeding at it, that I did forever ago, but refining the code to the point that it is 'good'. I feel really pleased with the code that I have put together so far, but I have one troublesome line of code. For some reason, it just doesn't want to do what I think it should do.
The problem is expounded by the fact that all of my work is being done with out the internet. I did gather some source files, and other references, so I can keep going, but it is brutally slow. I just decided to 'circumnavigate' this one piece of code, as I do want to complete this stage sooner than later. It will all be implemented correctly, but it wont be necessary. So when I get reliable internet I can find the answer to the problem.
Day 26 should see the main file and text reader working together, and then I will start working on the tough part.
Getting my 'graphics' code working nicely as a linked source file, while getting my two pieces of AI code added in successfully. I fear my code is going to get bulky again. I had it looking so beautiful...
And the internet failed me, try number 2.

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