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This is very begining of development. Theres a whole lot of ideas ahead and alot of challenges to face. I'm looking forward to it.

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About Me:

I'm currently a 1st year marketing student with strong interest in Game Development and a strong knowledge in Coding, and a basic understanding of 3D Modelling and Art. This Game Was Inspired by both Game Dev Tycoon and GamersGoMakers, however both those games focused on the Casual Game making a rather simplistic yet fun game. However this simplicity left a hole inside my heart that I am going to try to close by creating a more complex beast. Read the Planned Features to see how I plan to do this.

A Few Key Points:

Firstly I just want to point out this list is not set in stone and is subject to change based on your feedback and comments. If you have a great idea, I will add it to the list and future lists.

Also I just want to state that this is right now pre-prototype and I have yet to create a single Asset or Texture for the project, which is why there is a lack of screenshots of Assets. However I have a Cartoony Art Style in mind, kind of like watching a Pixar movie with a bit of Prison Architect in mind would be my ideal look right now.

Planned Features:

Staff Management:

Staff Management includes recruiting, assigning, training, keeping up the loyalty of the staff, and meeting their needs. There are 8 different kinds of Staff and not all of them will be available at the start of the game.

When recruiting staff you can select the segment you are focusing on(they each have different skills, wage rates, and loyalties) and how many applicants you need:

Recruitment Menu

You can also choose what kind of staff you are looking for:

Recruitment Menu 2

Each staff job only has one skill which can be improved up to a max level of 100. Each Staff Member can do multiple jobs which can improve the score of the game you are making, however they have one specialisation which will have the largest effect on the score. Furthermore the different tasks also affect the score differently depending on the genre selected. Thus a team made for First Person Shooter Games may not be suited for working on a strategy game. This is one way you can micro-manage games to get the highest score possible.

Speaking of skills here is what the random generator generated for me:

Joey the NoobJackSarah

As you can see Joey is quite loyal and cheap, but is quite poor skill wise. Most Staff have some kind of trade off and the best most priced staff will be quite expensive to keep.

Name Array

As you can see we don't have alot of names so far, but that can easily be corrected later.

Next Post: Loyalty of Staff and its effects.

Don't forget if you have any great ideas I would love for you to share them in the comments bellow.

If you would like future updates, don't forget to track, follow me on Twitter or Like my page on Facebook.

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