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The summary of the first 2 days of modding. The map is nearly completed at all and now i'm working in national focuses.

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-Added new states. South Jutland, the belgium-german frontier, and more in África and Oceanía. More states will be added, in America and Europe.

-The map is nearly completed. Countries like Ukraine, Armenia and Jordan now exists in the begin. All provinces have their respectives owners. Austria has Istria, Eslovenia, and South Tyrol. Germany has Alsace-Lorraine. And more.

-Now the German Empire IS the German Empire. The leader is Wilhelm III (Wilhelm of Prussia), and the name of the country is German Empire.

-The remnants of the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empire now are completed. Turkey has Sirya and part of Irak. The Ottoman Empire was suffer a civil war and now they are the Republic of Turkey (democratic). Anyways, you can change that with the national focus and events.

Ok that's all for today. Thanks for ur visit.

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