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Two bad things make a complete disaster. I don't even have the logo yet, going to need a placeholder for my placeholder O.o

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Ok, so I had moved into a new apartment, being told that internet would be up and running by March. Just last week they finally got around to installing it. What a relief. I plan on really resuming my work again.

The second problem was much more significant, my computer crashed, literally. I really wish it hadn't been literal, but it was. Surprisingly it still works, but it is definitely retarded now. I could barely run 10 year old computer games on it. Loading the program through the Codeblocks was brutal. It took about 10 minutes just to load.

So I now have internet, and I now have a new computer. One that hopefully wont be taking any falls. I still have a lost of organizing to do on this computer. I don't even have notepad++ yet. So it will be a while until I can start up with 'day 26'. Ok, I know it doesn't technically count as day 26, but I was always intending on tracking days of actually work. Not a hundred days of disastrous delays...

It's not dead folks. I am getting things back up and running again

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